The first part emphasizes the “what” and the “why” we face enormous challenges in raising our children today. It’s the first eye-opening moment of the conference because understanding our current reality is the launchpad for any steps to address it. At one time or another, everyone has heard this classic remark: “I’ve seen that in other families, but it doesn’t happen in mine…” that is until it does. In other words, information is power, and understanding it is the first step.

In the second part of the conference, I explain what our children need to know to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. It’s not just about counteracting or eliminating their problems, but it’s about understanding the consequences of avoiding them and their long-term effects on our children.

Finally, the third and most important part of the conference is understanding the Family Forum’s method, with detailed examples of each section. By now, everyone is aware of the challenge they face, and they are motivated to do something about it. After learning about the Family Forum there is a sense of relief, knowing we can take matters into our own hands is reassuring. And better yet, it’s not so hard.

Understanding the need that we have for the Family Forum means understanding the reality our generations live in today.