Eduardo Montano is a unique combination of an engineer, an entrepreneur, an educator, an author, and a lecturer.

As an entrepreneur, he has participated in the creation of more than 14 companies, always seeking to solve problems with unique innovations.

As an educator he created and manages 3 schools, 2 face-to-face and 1 online. Its schools have distinguished themselves by maintaining the forefront and leadership in training in technology, habits and skills for the future.

With certifications with ISO, Leader in Me and with alliances such as Microsoft, Adobe and Canvas, the schools have achieved world-class preparation. With its slogan of "Forming leaders for the future" its schools prepare their graduates to compete in a globalized world.

To leave a legacy, he developed an innovative method called the Family Forum. After years of observation, research and experimentation, with more than 3,000 young people, it has managed to identify the most common mistakes of parents and with a well-developed methodology it allows them to correct them and maximize the potential of their children.

As a lecturer he has spoken to audiences of up to 7,000 people, as well as in various countries. Both in person and in a virtual environment, through his talks and workshops he has managed to transform the lives of thousands of families who are looking for an answer to how to better educate their children.

“I hope you accept the challenge, only good things will come out of it, not only will you have new ways of enjoying your kids, but also make them better.”