Reading the Family Forum book we fully understand the method and the reasons why it is so important to implement it. The book begins by analyzing and explaining thirteen surprising findings about family relationships and the formation of young people. These findings describe situations that impact the world, beyond the region, the culture and the particular lifestyle.

He continues describing the competencies that our young people must have to aspire to success and above all to happiness.

The third and last part of the book is a clear and detailed description of the Family Forum method. Also included are some infographics to graphically show each of the steps, allowing a better understanding and a quick future reference.

This information is valuable to understand the current context and the urgent need to find options that allow us to strengthen the bond with our children. Family Forum is one of those options and proposes that the family meet for two hours, once a month. In this short time they develop skills that open possibilities for them to enjoy a full life.


What are the advantages of applying the methods of the Family Forum book?

Get to know each other more as a family

We discover the power and importance of a good relationship based on the knowledge that it is what affects each one the most. We learn to identify the positive and negative emotions that impact our loved ones.

Improve relationships

Improve the relationship between everyone in the family by opening a channel of total communication.

Live with purpose

May the whole family live with purpose, as we learn to plan and strive to achieve our dreams.

Socially appreciated

Be appreciated socially and develop a sense of belonging. This is part of the emotional intelligence necessary to integrate ourselves into the groups that we want and that are convenient for our training, according to our particular characteristics.

Self-esteem reinforcement

We are what we think, so it is important that they have high self-esteem, that they think well of themselves to aspire to the best, that they feel capable of achieving great goals.

Growth mindset

Especially reinforce the growth mentality in our children so that they are curious, restless people to discover, understand and learn, since in this way they become protagonists of their development and success.

Be good at problem solving

We learn that problems must be faced as soon as possible and that each one has multiple solutions.

Understand the benefits of the game

Discover the thirteen benefits of playing as a family. The game is not only fun, but it is also one of the most educational activities that exist.